Restraint Reduction Conference Keynote presentation
26th & 27th June 2014
CPi Restraint Reduction Conference Birmingham

“Care and Compassion in difficult situationsā€ a 26 minute presentation.

This presentation by Lynne Phair ” examined what care and compassion is from the patient’s perspective, and how health and social care professionals can learn to see the smallest things that make the biggest difference to patients and service users. The presentation explores how care and compassion can be demonstrated in any situation, and how the behaviour and attitude of staff can sometimes contribute to distressed behaviour of patients and how the use of behaviour charts can be of enormous benefit but can also be a smoke screen to poor care. The presentation explores that if staff and leaders of care understand and see care and compassion in action, if they can highlight it, and celebrate it, when staff demonstrate tiny examples of care and compassion in their everyday interactions with patients or service users; it can improve the quality of care for the patient, and improve the confidence and pride of staff and possibly reduce the incidents of conflict; thus contributing to the restrain reduction agenda.